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Arts for Children and Youth

“Our most successful Community Sharing Project to date was our first annual Big Bam Boom Youth Arts Festival. This initiative brought communities from across the GTA together at Harbourfront Centre to celebrate and share the participants learnings and talents. The aim of the project was to highlight the outcomes of many of our programs, to engender public awareness, to advocate the value of arts education, and to cast a new light on the abilities of youth. Most importantly, the festival provided the opportunity for the youth to transcend barriers and share their success with society... " More...

Greenest City

A native of West Africa Guinea, Minata came to Canada in 2006. When she heard from her high school that there was a youth garden in Parkdale where you could volunteer, she jumped on the opportunity. Her strong work-ethic and calm demeanour was a welcome presence in the often hectic youth environment. She applied for the Youth Green Squad position in 2008 and was hired right away. “When I first heard of the YGS, I thought it was only about gardening,” she said. “But once I started working, I learned about so many new things: sustainability, urban agriculture, GMO crops, climate change, food security…all of that.” More...

Recipe for Community

"My experience with the cooking class was amazing. Going through it with good friends just made it more enjoyable. Also, with great teachers like Julia and Chef Timmy, we got to learn a lot while we had fun. For example, we learned to cook a variety of food items, from muffins to minestrone soup. Outside from the cooking, we all learned life lessons, such as teamwork and hard work. Overall, it was a great experience and one of my favourite summer moments."  - Rafael, 16, participant  More...

Learn about the issues. Be part of the solutions.

The Community Knowledge Centre is at the core of what we do at the Toronto Community Foundation: connect philanthropy with community needs and opportunities.

This beta site is the first stage of building a virtual showcase of innovative and effective solutions to some of our city’s most pressing issues, as reflected in Toronto’s Vital Signs®. A collaborative project between our Community Foundation, IBM, and the community organizations doing great work in our city, we hope it inspires you to imagine and participate in transformational change in our city – and make Toronto the best place to live, work, learn, and grow. > more

Thank you to IBM and The J.W. McConnell Family Foundation for their support in developing the Community Knowledge Centre.

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